Track suits and hidden views

Oh the joy of track suits...

We went with Luke's advisor, Reiko Watanabe, to the sports store so we both could get track suits. As I have mentioned in an earlier post, the Mayor is gifting both of us track suits, so off we went to the store to find the right one.

Reiko-san said we had a budget of one maan each, which is a little over $100. We were very greatful, not only have I never owned a track suit before but now I was about to own a top of the line track suit!

When we get to the track suit section Reiko-san goes straight up to the guy working there and says that we want to see the track suits that are one maan, no more no less. Luke and I looked at each other. In America if you have $100 you can get several track suits or even get a cheaper one to save the person buying the present some money, but no, we were getting a $100 track suit exactly!

So I pick out one to try on, find what I think is my size and one bigger just in case and get in the dressing room. Low and behold the smaller size fit! It was awesome, I thought I looked good. I open the door and Reiko-san is standing outside with Luke. Luke tells me it looks good and she just looks at me and says that it doesn't look comfortable...

So after many smacks on my ass and telling me that I am too big and the store doesn't have sizes to fit me, and trying on MEN's track suits, AND matching suits with my husband, I ended up getting the first suit is the larger size that I hadn't tried on...

Needless to say, Japan has a huge weight complex. I thought that it was just America but no, I think Japan is worse, they are in your face about it too.

Anyway, moving on. The day did get better. On the way home Reiko-san took us to this place behind our house up in the mountains that we didn't know about. We will have to bike up there some weekend.

Hey Lindsey look! Me in front of the hidden lake high in the mountains behind our house. A definite biking spot some weekend.


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