It's a gathering

Last weekend my husband and I headed to the closest city for a party. It was a gathering for all the JETs in the Miyagi prefecture. It certainly was an adventure.

After scheduling two wrong hotels we showed up with a friend at his hotel to check in and managed to get a room, for the same price but it was a smoking room :( Smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in, but not too bad.

The bar that we were meeting at was definitely not big enough for the party. We had half the small bar to ourselves, but there were 40-50 JETs. Suposidly free drinks although I only had one because the waitstaff was so small they couldn't handle the drink orders. Not worth the money we paid to get in the door but it was nice to meet some other people that do what Luke does, who speak English, and many from countries other than America.

After the bar the plan was to go to karaoke or something but we ended up going to a Jazz Club instead. Very cool to find one in Japan and they had live music that was pretty decent.

Interesting how things get funnier the later you stay up!

Now that's a good one. Thanks to Eric Chan for the photos.

We left the Jazz club around 11:00 or 11:30 and headed to the hotel. I know this sounds early for a night on the town, but when you spend most nights just relaxing after an intense brain workout and bed around 9 or 9:30, staying up until 11 is a big deal! I know, we are getting old!

Eric said he knew the way back to our hotel so we had nothing to worry about, and he did, although it seems that there are like 3 hotels in the chain that we booked in the city and we were at the wrong one! Yeah, we managed to find all the other hotels before we got to ours at 1:30AM! Totally the best part of the night. Thanks Eric!!!


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