On my own

I finally went out on my own...on my a new direction...and found something awesome! I have written about the 7-11 that I frequented before I acquired Blue Steel, well I headed in that direction with the plan of passing the 7-11 and just seeing where that road goes. No need to get lost, just take the same road so you can find your way back. And that was a great idea.

The road I took goes straight into Taiwa Town at the foot of the mountains. Just a short trip out my front door and I can be at the mountains! How sweet is that?!

Once on the other side of town there are no buildings to obscure the view. Just rice fields and these flowers.

I got a late start and left after lunch and had to be home to have dinner with Luke so I was only gone for about an hour. I will have to come back here and explore if there is a way up the mountain. But it was a beautiful day and Luke was right, when it's sunny out the rice fields blowing in the wind really does look like the ocean. Totally awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,
I have been reading what you have written but just now have hopefully figured out how to write back. Sounds like the two of you are starting to fit right in and Mom and I are so happy for you. Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and miss you both so very much. I read Luke's blog and it sounds like he is going to have to set down with Chad and Matt when you get home and tip back a few. :O) Keep up with letting us know how everything is going. Enjoy what you are doing.
Love, Dad, drj

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