Paaku Golfu

The agenda for the second day was to play Park Golf with nearly everyone that my husband works with. That morning Luke had to go to work. They didn't so much work as go on a tour of the new Toyota factory that is being built in town. (We are both not sure why the teachers took a tour of the factory but...oh well.) All the teachers were free a little before noon so Luke and I had time to have lunch before getting ready for Park Golf.

We walked again to the trusty 7-11 to find lunch. Don't worry this won't become a habit, especially for someone blogging about food, but with nothing in the house it was a must. I actually discovered something awesome. We had thought about getting the same thing as the day before but then I saw this noodle thing in the refrigerated section. It had chicken strips on top and we both thought "why not." So we gave it a go. They were fabulous meant to be eaten cold. There was a sauce that you add and then mix around the chicken, lettuce, carrot sticks and something else (long and white). It was great!

Then at 1:30 we were picked up for Park Golf.

So how to play Park Golf? It's quite easy and fun. You play two rounds of nine holes each (like regular golf) except you only have a putter and the ball is the size of a tennis ball but harder and colored. There are four people that play each hole (each with their own color ball). You draw sticks at the first hole to find the playing order and then you start. You keep score just like regular golf. Plus the view is amazing! It's better than "put put" because it's not cheezey. The distance along the green is actually pretty far so you get the chance to really hit the ball which was rather fun. Luke and I scored pretty well. I actually made it in under par a couple of times, which was amazing because I have never played golf before. Everyone was laughing and it was so much fun.

(These pictures were not taken on the day of Park Golf but this is where we played. I didn't have time to take my camera with me when we played. These were taken at the Ohira Festival which was right next to the course.)


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