Simple Tasks

I have discovered that even the simplest of tasks can be very difficult in another country. When lunchtime came around I decided to make just a simple yakisoba (Japanese noodle) but was stumped as to how to boil the water. Stupid as that seems, it caused me to melt down a little. When you can't read any of the buttons on the microwave (and there are no numbers), you can't figure out how to get the stove to work (gas stove) and can't find the tea kettle (which wouldn't matter because you can't get the stove to work) it makes having noodles very difficult.

I attempted to put water in a bowl and warm it up by pressing random buttons on the microwave. When I thought it was hot enough I tried to pour it into the noodle bowl. Pouring from a bowl is a bad idea. It went everywhere, none of it on the noodles. So I set down a towel and tried again.

Now you may be asking yourself, "why is she not making something else" and my reply is what else should I make if I can't use the microwave or the stove! Nothing.

So I warmed up a glass of water this time and nearly filled the bowl. The water wasn't hot enough. I was afraid it wouldn't cook the noodles. So I tried one last time, pressing a new button and that got the water piping hot.

Ok, so I added the hot water and waited what seemed like a fair amount of time. I couldn't read the directions of course and there were no numbers to give it away. When I thought it was done I added the two packets of sauce and other stuff.

Turns out you are supposed to drain the water before you add the sauce. I didn't know that until Luke got home and told me. That's probably why it didn't taste very good. I won't make those mistakes again and now I have found the tea kettle and know how to use the stove. I am on my way.

I can boil water now!


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