My Last Day

This morning started out like most of my mornings for the last month. I woke up and called my husband from my computer. He has been in our Japan apartment for the last month without me. Fortunately there is a great thing called Skype that allows us to video-chat over the internet. Ahhh technology! He was preparing for bed as I was waking up. Difficult time change.

Then it was off for my daily yoga/pilates and then for my last American breakfast. We ate at this great local place. Everything omelet with hash browns and wheat toast and a large orange juice. Very American.

I am very eager to embrace the Japanese food palate. So many different tastes, and some familiar used it an entirely different way. I hear that Miyage (our prefecture) is the food capital of Japan! We have the best rice, beef is available and our town (Ohira) even has its own Sake factory! (Uncle Kelly I will try to send you that bottle you requested for Christmas!!!)

Next time I post it will be from the other side of the world! Exciting and a little sad. Come visit if you can! It's going to be a great time!


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