I love food.

I love to cook. But when my husband and I found out in April that we would be moving to Japan a very daunting task arose. How to pack? What would we take? I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to take any of my beloved cookbooks with me. Sad, very sad.

Unlike my husband I usually don't whip things up in the kitchen. My all too anal brain wants a recipe to follow, instructions, measurements, something concrete. He however never makes the same thing twice, never follows a recipe but still manages to make an amazing meal every time! How he does it I will never know.

So many challenges have presented themselves on this great journey to the east. No cookbooks, no American food or ingredients and a very small town. What will we eat? How will I cook? Am I afraid? No! Like I said...I love food. And I know I will love the food there.

I just need to learn how to cook it!


Luke T. Harwath said...

You're a great cook! And, today I just took a cooking in Japan workshop so I'll give you all my info! I think plenty of people will want to teach you what they know!

wwarren777 said...

Courageous!! Bet you can get recipes on the web. Love you!! Dad

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful.

Love, Mom

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