What I do some days

This is where I work. The Gidokan.

Many people have been asking if I have a job and what it is. I had mentioned earlier that the Mayor had offered me a job but I guess I forgot to also add that I took it and that it is working at the after school program for the Elementary school.

I work from 2-5 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Children don't arrive until 2:30 or 3:00 usually. This is what it's like when I arrive.

Then the kids start to arrive. Hard to see in this picture but the first ones are the yellow hats. These are the tiny kindergarteners. They all wear yellow backpacks and yellow hats. Totally cute!

We play games like Othello! Which I love by the way.

There is a study area where they can practice kanji or color.

They LOVE to play bumper pool.

And needless to say, with practically every kid from the elementary school there at once, it's a bit noisy and chaotic!

But my Japanese is improving, and I hope their English!


Dad W said...

You're right, noisy! But then that's kids all over the world.

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