Food update

Here are some pictures of the food and drink that we have had, that I had to get off of Luke's phone. Enjoy and if you have questions just post a comment.

Here is the sake that the Mayor presented to me as a gift. Currently we are one bottle down!

Luke's wonderful curry that he made for me and then insisted on putting on his mac and cheese creation the next day for leftovers. I wasn't brave enough to try it, even though he said it was good.

In our apartment in Waukee Luke would make this goulash type thing for me that was always so good and homey. On a particularly rough day for me, when I was feeling blue, Luke whipped this up for me and it tasted almost the same, different and still good. Thanks honey for reminding me of home!

Some of the cuisine from the ramen shop across the street. This is Luke's plate on our first trip there.

My AMAZING spicy ramen. This may be the tastiest thing I have eaten since being here. It was so good I had to have it again a week later. If you visit you are going to eat this, it is a must!


Anonymous said...

Mmm spicy ramen. I can't wait!


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