Sports festival

Yes another festival. We love the festivals! Sunday before the dinner with the Elementary School we attended the sports festival for the Junior High School and Elementary School. It was like a track meet on steroids! Totally fun! One day a year the lower grades get together and play lots of games and run track together. They only compete against classes in their own school, not against neighboring schools but still so much fun.

Everyone gets involved, the teachers, school board staff, members of the community, everyone competes, even me and Luke! The race that Luke and I did was for married couples that live in town. Each team was composed of a couple in their 20's (us), 30's, 40's and 50's. We run holding hands 1/4 of the way around the track, Luke blows up a balloon, ties it, and then we pop it between our bodies and then run another 1/4 of the track where we pass off the baton to the next couple. Fun, and if I had know that other couples were cheating when popping their balloons we would have finished better than 4th!

The only game that looked familiar, beside just running, was the tug-o-war. Everything else was new to me.
One of our favorite games! They run down the field and back on the backs of their classmates! Totally fun to watch.

Tiny Kindergarteners in their track suits preparing for tug-o-war. The three girls looking into the camera are girls I know from the after-school program.

A relay race for the older members of the community. Men and women alternate adding a box with each person. The last man carries 5 boxes to the finish line. This one was hilarious. Watching 60+ year old people run around the track carrying boxes...oh wow!
Groups of people have many colored balls and they try to throw as many as they can into their basket in the time limit.

Men and women alternate getting the metal hoop around the track with the wooden stick. The man on the left is the head of the school board.

That's right! Team jump rope. All teachers by the way. Here are the teachers from the Elementary School. The man in the middle is the Vice Principal. Oh the good old days of jump rope!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome! Looks like a blast!


Roxy said...

LOVE these pics- keep em coming! i wanna play the basket game!

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