Perhaps the last welcome

Last Sunday was the welcome dinner for Luke from the Elementary School. I believe that this is the last of such dinners but you never know in Japan, they like to party with food! The style was much like the welcome dinner with the Junior High, several courses seated on the floor around a long table. This time I remembered to pace myself and Luke remembered to drink slower!

Inside the little blue cups with lids was a Japanese pumpkin soup. If you have read earlier blogs you will know how much of a fan of the Japanese pumpkin I am. This soup was excellent.

Ok, so I will try to describe the picture. In the clear bowl is the desert, a square of stuff made out of flower that is the consistency of a gummy bear covered in a power (of course I don't remember the name but when I do I will let you know!) In the teapot is bonito (a broth made from fish) that you pour into the black pot to the right. Inside the black pot is rice and eel, yes I said eel, which was really good. First you eat it dry and then you pour on the bonito. Very tasty! That was probably the most exotic thing we ate this time around.

The man in the middle is the Vice-Principal and he is totally funny! Especially when he has had a few beers and then needs to look for the keys to his bicycle. Awww good times!

Luke after some beer and sake! Isn't he cute?!

They gave us some beautiful flowers to welcome us to Ohira.


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