Another party, and it won't be the last!

My first day of work with the children at the afterschool program was September 1st. Luke and I went to the Mayor's office first to formally receive our track suits. As with anything formal, you have to look nice, and the only nice shoes I have are a beautiful pair of camel colored peep-toe heels. Great looking, but when you have to ride your mountain bike for ten minutes then hike up a 45 degree incline hill to get to your destination heels are not the thing to be wearing! By the time I could change into my track suit I had three blisters on my feet but was relieved to be in my running shoes.

After we were presented with our track suits the Mayor said that we should have a welcome party for me, for starting work, and what the Mayor says goes! Everyone was informed and we celebrated that evening. Tons of food of course.

See all the plates...those aren't even half the plates we used! Lots of courses.

I don't know what we were thinking. The first course that came out, and in my mind the only course, was a giant tray of meat. Big platter, six different kinds of meat to grill on the grill in the middle of the table. This in my opinion is the way every meal should be eaten! Now you can cook and have conversation and eat all at once in one spot. Totally cool.
Se we ate soooooo much meat and I was very full and then more food was brought out from the kitchen...kimchi and veggies to grill and then noodles and many other things. We had to try it all but I was sooooo stuffed by the time we went home it was crazy. I should have remembered that it would be a multi course thing, all these welcome parties are. Oh well, it was fun and we did manage to try it all so I will know what to order next time.

Me and Luke with the Mayor.


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