Gospel Town Christmas

I snowed pretty hard Saturday and into the night. Jo was not able to make it to church because she didn't feel comfortable driving in the snow but maybe she will make it next Sunday. The day was still very beautiful and by late morning some of the snow started to dive in huge lumps off the tall pine trees everywhere.

Parking lot at Gospel Town

The church was absolutely beautiful layered with a fresh blanket of crisp white snow.

The Choir sang and got the congregation motivated! They even had everyone sing in English for one verse of a Christmas carol (of course I cried!)

Then after we all ate a big Christmas meal (Japanese style) together.
I helped, while Luke took pictures!

Apparently this is the face I make if you call my name and catch me off guard!

An even more embarrassing face.

As food starts to fill the table we gather to eat. So many different kinds of food. Yes those are pigs in a blanket! I didn't get to eat one but just knowing someone made them put a big smile on my face. The food was exceptional.

And then we played a game, well Luke and I watched but...It was a cross between telephone and charades! Awesome and hilarious!


Anonymous said...

wow! what a welcoming place gospel town church looks to be! i'm so glad you found a place like that to worship. :)

love you lots and lots,

Anonymous said...


YOU LOOK SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, so glad you've found a church and that you like the people there. They really look energetic about their faith. That's cool!!

Love to you both!
Dad W

Anonymous said...

I’m so thankful the Lord is blessing you with Christian friends. Sounds like a wonderful day.


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